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Energy Healing · Dark Reiki & Witchcraft

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As a magickian that specializes in energetic healing and empowerments, I help others reach higher levels of power and achieve their most ardent spiritual endeavors. Through channeling sigils of extreme power, I am able to draw upon potent energy currents tailored specifically for you in order to propel you on your spiritual path.

I have Rites, Empowerments, Attunements, and Partial Attunements. (Every listed attunement can be an empowerment or half attunement)


I can also create custom attunements and rites for a variety of other purposes.

These Empowerments, Attunements, and Rites can empower the indiviual, aid in healing the individual of physical or mental trauma, remove blockages, trigger psychic experiences, and much more.

Empowerments; are energy sessions where you are bathed in whatever energy you choose for a certain amount of time that is chosen by the spirits. (Usually 20-30min but sometimes longer)

Attunements; are when you are bathed in the energy of whatever attunement you choose and attuned to all the sigils so that you can then use the healing or empowering energy on yourself and others. You also have the ability to attune others with the full attunement. You are provided with the activation sigils and mantras for whatever attunement you choose. 

Rites; are done with the incorporation of entities, servitors, energetice body suggestion, magickal materials, planteray energies, and more. I have a couple of custom rite options in my services and one that is an Anything you can think of Rite, option. 

Note: Healing services are not limited to people either, as I can also help heal pets of different conditions - be they physical or trauma based. (See my new service here)


All of my empowerments will change you permanently and attunements will aid you immensely whenever you call upon them.

Are you ready for your next step on your evolutionary journey?

What are Empowerments and Attunements? Find out here.


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