Agrat Bat Mahlat


  • 1 hour
  • 111 US dollars

Service Description

Agrat Bat Mahlat is one of the four angels of prostitution and consorts of Samael, including Lilith, Eisheth Zenunium, and Naamah. She can be viscous and blood thirsty when it comes to one's enemies and any traits within the practitioner that inhibit their growth, but do not let this deter you from working with her for she can be extremely loving and helpful to those that are working to better themselves. She is a succubus in Jewish Mythology and is a very powerful spirit. Her name has been translated into, "The Daughter of Illusion." Also, "Agrat, Daughter of Mahlat." This working is transformative and can manifest in each practitioner in a number of different ways with the end result being healing from trauma and overall well-being, in order for the practitioner to continue their journey with whatever end is considered best by Agrat. The Attunement gives the practitioner the ability to enact the energies whenever they see fit in conjunction with what Agrat has in mind for you. The Attunement is Permanent and can be used on yourself or someone else with an energy exchange, of some sort, being taken into consideration.

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