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Auric Fire Planetary Upgrade

This is an Auric Fire Extention Upgrade

  • 1 hour
  • 555 US dollars

Service Description

You must first obtain the Auric Fire rite to receive this upgrade. The Planets are in line with the children of the Nameless so there are 5 planets and 2 luminaries. Each has its own attributes though you can choose to focus on an attribute you are most attracted to if you wish. So, in the Devil's Quran the planets are referred to as the 7 children of the Nameless God with each planet having specific energies attributed to them such as Mars being the planet associated with war and having energies that would enhance the recipient's fighting abilities, physical fitness acumen, and so forth. Each individual would have different qualities that would enhance specifically in them though they could possess all war-like attributes in time as they work upon those attributes. Meaning, this wouldn't automatically make them a great fighter though it would greatly enhance the mentality, ability, and energy it would take in order for them to become a greater fighter than they are at the moment and thereby increasing their abilities in the future if that is something they wish to become. This is just an example and each planet would have other attributes that would enhance in a similar manner. The Planets are; The Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and I perform the rite on the planetary hour on each day so the rite lasts one week. Once booked I create the timeline on my schedule to perform the rites for you so we will be communicating daily or at least every other day. I have also been working the Djinn in order to empower this rite so I have upgraded the upgrade as well as the pricing. This is a powerful week-long rite and will take you to the next level no matter who you are.

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