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Auric Fire Shield of Posterity

Protective shield of good luck and strength

  • 1 hour
  • 333 US dollars

Service Description

Given to me by Kostroma, a Slavic fertility goddess, this rite has bestowed others as well as myself with so many benefits I have been truly blown away. The first and most surprising results were that of immediate psychic boosts from everyone I performed the rite on during the experimental process of this rite, including myself. This rite augments the aura in several different ways and has made people see those that have received the rite in a more favorable light. One person's workload at their jobs has gotten lighter and everyone is treating them a lot nicer, one person had dreams so vivid that they could maneuver through the dream dimension in a clear mental state. Others have had similar results and I, personally have been seeing entities in my apartment with much more frequency and ease. My spell work has gotten more powerful, I make people laugh much easier than I used to, my personal communication skills have gotten so much better, and so much more. I have also been adding planetary attributes that I will be introducing as follow-ups to this rite for a lower rate per planet. The initial rite is designed for better luck in general, protection, and favorable outcomes but the psychic abilities have been an added unforeseen bonus. This is also an entity that will carry on to your future generations after you die. If you chose not to take it with you into your next life it will attach to someone of your choosing or you can have chosen down your family line if cannot decide. If you do not reincarnate the entity will merge with you in your next form making you more powerful then as well. It will attach to your aura and work for you as well as with you to create a better life for you in every way. I would describe the entity closer to a familiar than a servitor but whatever definition you wish to apply is up to you. I will also provide you with a mantra that will give you the ability to focus on and meditate with the arua to strengthen it and remove negative energies including parasites.

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