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Azazel's Black Sun Chi Gong Attunement

Given to me by Azazel for working with the black sun

  • 1 hour
  • 113 US dollars

Service Description

When I first began my Black Sun chi gong video series: I started with intending to only offer the Black Sun attunement as the best way to utilize the energies for working through the chi gong movements until one night Azazel came to me and told me to use this attunement as a more proper alternative. It has 2 symbols which are the black sun and a sigil that removes remnants of the false light little by little over time. He came through one night when I was up reading at 4 a.m. and lead me to the book as well as the pages I needed to see to have the attunement sigil makes sense. The three black suns in the sigil represent each black sun in each Dantien starting with the upper dantien; Representing the black sun in The Black Heavens, the middle dantien; Representing Thagirion, and the lower datien; Representing the black sun of the underworld in several pantheons. The Black Sun meditation can also be done with this attunement:

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