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Blessings of La Santa Muerte

Monthly full moon rite

  • 13 US dollars

Service Description

This will be a monthly full moon recurring rite that will bring blessing from Santa Muerte into your life in the way you need it most at the time. I will be doing this rite every month at 9:00 p.m. my time which is Central time in the U.S. so keep in mind that if you purchase the rite after that you will be signed up for the next month. This is a good way to show devotion to Santa Muerte and I have made it very affordable at $13.00 USD This price will not change so you won't be surprised with a larger reservation price if you sign up for the monthly subscription. As an added bonus, for those who are signed up to this recurring rite, I will offer a discounted price when my book is finally released this year. You must be signed up for at least 2 months before the release of the book so that stragglers can't just swoop in at the last minute and claim the discount. Please remember that when signing up for the rite use your real first and last name. Your birthday would aid in the rite as well but if you chose not to give it results may be less prevalent.

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