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Build your own Rite

Build your own custom rite

  • 45 minutes
  • 111 US dollars

Service Description

There are times when we know we need something but sure as to what all of our options may be so I have created this anything you can think of rite consultation. Here we basically discuss what issues you may be having in your life that you need help with but is a little more complicated than just doing a curse or love rite. Here is where we speak about that, what options you have, and what I can do for you. This consultation is $30.00 USD and if you decide to move forward with the spell then that money goes into the spell itself though the initial consultation price itself is not refundable. Prices will vary depending upon what materials I will need to complete the spell and what energies I will work with to create the magick itself, be they planetary, spiritual, energetic body suggestion, etc.

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