Cursing rite

Destroy your enemies Cursing rite consultation

  • 45 minutes
  • 20 US dollars

Service Description

Sometimes we are attacked over and over again by people who are just malicious in nature and only wish to see us harmed. They may attack our loved ones or our personal property with no regard for our livelihood and they must be stopped because it is very unlikely that these people will stop on their own. I offer this rite in different degrees and if you wish to move forward with the rite they start at $200.00 USD. I have had to get rid of people who do not deserve to have any happiness and whatever aspect we decide on to remove all hope from their lives will be very effective. This consultation is $20.00 USD and if you decide that a cursing spell is what you want after we speak then that money goes into the spell itself though the initial consultation price itself is not refundable. Prices will vary depending upon what materials I will need to complete the spell and what energies I will work with to create the magick itself, be they planetary, spiritual, psychosis-inducing energetic body suggestion, etc. I will add that I will not just curse anyone because they made you mad, it will need to be a good reason but if we do move forward, their lives will negatively change for as long as you want them to.

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