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Kuji-kiri Matrix Push

The nine cuts

  • 30 minutes
  • 55 US dollars

Service Description

Kuji-kiri is an ancient Japanese method of sorcery that gained popularity in the west from ninja films in the '80s. Though it can seem fictitious because of this it is much more ancient and a real system that has its origins in ancient regions of Asia and India. when I first started practicing Reiki I saw the similarities between the origins of Reiki and the Shinto religion in Japan and was able to put 2 and 2 together, hence empowering myself in this method of sorcery as well. With this system, I utilize a one-word command that encompasses what you are wanting to achieve in your practice and "push," that idea into the reality of your practice. This is a quick method that I have used in conjunction with many other methods but am now offerings it alone. The reason for this is that everyone has different needs and different degrees of achievement, sometimes all you need is a little push instead of having to spend a lot of money on a rite that is by all accounts unnecessary for what you need at your level. This push does exactly that as well as gives you a better idea of what you are wanting to achieve and where are at in achieving it. When purchasing this rite please keep in mind that a one-word command works best so instead of saying something like "I want to be better at studying," you would say something like "focus." Include this mind frame with whatever you are seeking before booking so you can give me a one-word command to program into your reality. It would also help if you explained what you mean by the one to accomplish with the one-word command in the description so I can envision the process. I will need a photo of you and your name to complete the "push," so please provide these when booking this service as well. I have channeled several sigils for this service and since we are all different I channel each sigil for each person for best effect. Some examples would be; clairvoyance ( along with any f the other claires), focus, fat loss, confidence, strength, I've had success with ED issues, health, rejuvenation, youth (basically feeling younger), and others. Note: One thing I feel that I should also add is that if the push doesn't ignite the abilities you seek to ignite it will definitely aid in strengthening other magick done for the specific purpose making all other magick stronger no matter who does it.

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