La bendición de la Santa Muerte

La bendición de la Santa Muerte (The boon of Santa Muerte)

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Service Description

La bendición de la Santa Muerte, is a powerful resonance with the death current in general and was a gift given to me to share by La Santa Muerte. This form is a mask of Mictecacíhuatl which is a very powerful Aztec goddess of death and wife to Mictlantecuhtli, the masculine aspect of death in the Aztec pantheon. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding these gods and as Santa Muerte has become very popular over the past few years, many questions have arisen concerning who can and cannot work with her. You Do Not have to be of Mexica, Mexican, or Aztec descent in order to work with this goddess as she is open to working with anyone. She is NOT a folk saint as many have labeled her as I have mentioned above the "saint," label is only a mask that was placed upon this goddess during the European and X-tianization of the slaughtered and enslaved people of the Americas. This attunement has three sigils and they are described as follows. Death Sight; This sigil and energy aids in seeing the dead and can be worked with as often as one wishes in order to develop their death sight. A mantra is given along with the sigil and how long it takes the individual to fully develop their death sight is dependent upon how adept and/or naturally talented they are, as well as how dedicated they are to their development of this skill. Death Hand; This sigil, mantra, and energy aids the practitioner in cutting off ties to past experiences or people that hinder their growth and can also be used in baneful magick. A technique that she gave me is given when the attunement is purchased. Death Walk; I will give you the sigil that is used for the attunement process, though it is not needed when working with the Death Walk method. This can be utilized to work with your ancestors as well as anyone who has died and the mantra is chanted while the practitioner is going to sleep with the name of the deceased person inserted within the mantra. A description of how exactly one should work with this technique will also be given upon purchase of the attunement. How well the technique works is again dependent upon how adept and/or naturally talented the practitioner is, as well as how dedicated they are to their development of this skill, though this method is less likely to take very long to develop because of its nature.

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