Lilith's Dark Waters


  • 1 hour
  • 111 US dollars

Service Description

"Transformation is natural; best suited to deal with that which is seen and unseen. Lay with me and take me in, fully and truly. Lay there in my waters, surrounded by the energies as they fill the air. and look into yourself; going deep within... As a snake sheds its skin, so too shall you cast away all the unwanted - the unnecessary. I will break you down to your very core essence, destroying who you once were and shall rebuild you in the likeness and image of your greatest being. I will paint your skin black with the mud of my shores, and that will be the glue that binds you" - Channeled message from Lilith by R. Douglas. Experience the gift that only Lilith and her sisters can give. This Attunement enacts changes within yourself - powerful changes. Take the plunge and allow the energies to guide you. Be sure you are ready to receive this service, as it is no 'lightweight' energy. Once Attuned, you will be able to call upon these energies whenever you see fit, as well as draw forth for others. Spread the Love! :)

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