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Necromantic Descension

This is both an attunement and a rite

  • 1 hour
  • 333 US dollars

Service Description

In this rite, I call Naamah, Qamar, and Zohal to aid me in the attunement of your energy body to improve all aspects of necromantic sorcery of the recipient. This service permanently attunes you to the death current, aids in communication with the dead, and aids in connection to the dead. This rite does not require you to meditate with the energies if you are actively working on your skills in necromancy but they can aid in ways that are different for everyone. The rite can be performed at the time of the booking or as you sleep. We can communicate after booking if you wish to obtain the service while you sleep. This rite is best performed on Saturday, on the hour of the moon, or on Monday, on the hour of Saturn, my time. It is best if you book the rite and we configure the times available if that is an option you wish to pursue. I have selected the option for this rite to last an hour but it may take more or less time depending on how the spirits wish to proceed. If any messages from the spirits come through I will convey them to you during or after the rite. They may or may not hold significance to you at the time of the rite but the spirits have their reasons for giving the information so I urge you to be open to it.

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