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Qliphothic Black Transfiguration

The changes from this rite are permanent as well as powerful

  • 1 hour
  • 333 US dollars

Service Description

Have the shells of the Qliphoth at your grasp with this transformative rite. You will be able to utilize one shell or multiple shells for spellwork, or you can work through the tree or both. You can utilize the energies for ascension, baneful magick, manifestation, consecrating items for whatever purpose, or raw power. It's is entirely up to you. I have had reports of multiple kundalini experiences while performing this rite as well as very clear visual manifestations. When I channeled with Choronzon about this rite I was informed that its effects increase: psychic abilities, energy control, strength through trials, Empowered; past, present, and future spellwork, greater understanding of your true purpose, revealed magickal gifts that may have been previously unknown to you. (These cannot be listed as they are particular to each individual). Note: Some of these aspects may come about through trials though this is not true for everyone or all abilities. The Process: First I attune you to each shell individually by personally channeled sigils and this is done with all Qliphothic shells including Daath. I then give a sacrifice of my own blood to strengthen and engender the process to deify your energy body to solidify, strengthen, and empower the process. The entire process takes up to an hr though times may vary for several unforeseen reasons. Upon completion of the rite, I provide you with a PDF of all sigils and how to use them as well as a copy of a PDF book that goes into detail about each shell.

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