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Soul Drain Empowerment Destruction Vortx

Vampiric Enemy Drain Cursing Empowerment Deification

  • 1 hour
  • 550 US dollars

Service Description

This is one of the most sinister and intricate rites that has been given to me thus far. It involves a vampiric cursing technique that I first utilize to weaken the target as well as take their energy from their energy body's and I strengthen the curse by my own means. I then utilize the energy I have taken from your enemies to give extra power to the empowerment I give to you, topped off with a sacrifice of my own blood to you to further strengthen the empowerment process as a deification. The entire process is overseen as well as strengthened further by Lucifer and Naamah, and Santa Muerte, Mictlantecuhtli (the masculine aspect of the Aztec death current; Santa Muerte and Mictlantecihtli both being from the Aztec pantheon). You do not have to be of Mexica or Aztec descent for this rite to work. This rite will enhance you on so many levels it is impossible to pinpoint where it will take effect in each individual. That being said it will enhance and strengthen all aspects of you including your astral self, your carnal self, your god-self, your daemonic self, etc. There are no sigils that go along with this rite so no further work will need to be done in order to enhance further results, with the exception of your own personal work of course. I will need a target that you wish to drain of their energies (but if you don't have a target I can provide one for you) as well as the time that it takes for me to drain them of their essence before we bestow that power onto you so please keep that in mind. I will however keep in communication during the process to let you know when I am ready to give you the energy. I only mention this so you know that when I have completed the draining process you need to be ready to receive the energy empowerment so don't go shopping or anything foolish. lol When I take the energy from the target, there will not be any negative traits or habits of the target that get passed on to you as I will only drain beneficial aspects from the target so they are only left with the crap and you reap the benefits. This empowerment can be done as often as you like so there is no limit as to how many times a month you can receive this empowerment though it may be wise to wait at least a week before getting the rite again. I also provide you with a personal sigil that you can use in your own workings or future working with me. Video review:

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