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The 7 Children of The Nameless God

Attunement rite to the 7 planetary energies of the Nameless God

  • 1 hour
  • 333 US dollars

Service Description

The Seven Children of the Nameless This is one of the most powerful attunement rites I have been given to date which incorporates the 7 children of the Nameless God. They represent powerful planetary energies that can be used for all 7 days of the week to strengthen any spellwork that is performed on their corresponding days and hours. The PDF that accompanies this rite explains further though it would be wise to study up on planetary energies either before or after this rite for best utilization of the energies. This rite does produce a change that occurs within the individual but this change is best realized in your magick. This rite increases all magick since the energies can be used for love spells, money spells, cursing, etc. The attunement takes about 30-45min though I have given an allotted time of one hour for any possible unforeseen longevity in the rite, to complete on my end though the original energies tend to stick around for a while as they settle so be sure to have some free time afterward. The attunement comes with a master symbol and mantra for you to work with and you simply plug in the name of the planet, corresponding child of the Nameless into your work.

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